Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Wow, it's only 6pm but it feels like much later- it's been a looooong day. I got contacted by a nyc stylist YESTERDAY for a shoot on FRIDAY, which means that I had to overnight it all TODAY. Usually I would refuse on that short of time schedule but the shoot is with Nicolas Guerin for Liz Mag and I can't pass up opportunities like that.

Of course all of the pieces had some modifying that needed to be done so I was forced to skip the second half of my critique class and work work work like a maniac for 3 solid hours. 
~ Two feather hatlettes: touchups on the underside
~ Silver organza & black plastic vest: straps had to be shortened
~ Full length blue pleated dress: inside seams had to be fixed 
~ Gold & green sheer dress: shorten/change sleeves
~ Back collar/cut-out dress: I had taken the old design apart and had to completely remake it into a very strap-y top/neck piece. 

WHEW. Run then nap then start all over again on more designs! Mosh is coming to visit on Nov. 17th and I have to have lots of goodies for us to shoot :)


rtosh said...

i thought there was supposed to be a new picture? you tell, but then you take away. i don't know what that means, but whatever.

what about that other photog that wanted to shoot your stuff? you're just getting all these things going on. i feel like you should be partying with rock stars or the olsen twins. but not really the olsen twins.