Saturday, January 31, 2009


From today:

White polyester yarns double threaded in the knitting machine, short rowing technique. 
Super secret latex formula for the drip.
YAY for combining knits and latexxx!

Reminds me a lot of abstract drawings I was doing freshman year.

Friday, January 30, 2009


From today:

Hard to see - the detail gets lost - but it's black plastic with hand scrunched bulbous forms and 3 big pleats in the center. 
NOTE: I've found that using dinner plates as templates for circles is both convenient and useful.

Finishing up a collar tonight and (hopefully) a silver & black leather corset-style piece (can't call it a real corset because there is no boning). 

Shooting on Sunday, will have better images then!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Long time no see....

My holiday break was mostly unproductive. Did personal stuff and made gifts....I did modify an old pvc bodysuit into a jacket and make a dress out of plastic mesh and a thrifted velvet dress, but the shoot that they were meant for (as well as a latex shoot) were cancelled. Ah, well, c'est la vie.

B A C K  TO  S C H O O L

Taking a machine knitting class- IT'S AMAZING! I'm definitely in the wrong major. I wish that I'd even THOUGHT about textiles when I was a freshman. Now I just have to take what I can get and try not to be bitter. 

A piece I started today:

Two polyester yarns (I'm drawn to all the pretty synthetic fibers- surprise surprise!) knitted using a short rowing technique. The open areas will get filled in with big, sculptural pieces that will (hopefully) look like some kind of bulbous body parts.

It was a pretty freeform process...started out trying to make something totally different and when the yarns started fucking up I changed my direction and got this instead!

I've made a dozen 12" x 40" (thereabouts) samples and two collars, one of which I'm finishing now and will hopefully post about tomorrow!


I want to start doing short film vignettes...imagine my photographs come to life. No real narrative, just visual imagery. I suppose the closest comparison would be artsy commercials.

In light of such recent personal discoveries, I want this:

Canon 5D Mark II

It shoots HD VIDEO!!! and takes beautiful super high resolution still images!!! And it's (only) $3,000!!! Sounds like a worthwhile investment to me. 

Sooooo, my next big project is going to be a collaboration between myself and Thea, a model I've been working with who is also an incredible contortionist/airialist. She's very good on a lyra, which is basically a suspended hoop:

Thea at Circus Smirkus!

The collaboration will combine "Stroke of Luck" by Garbage, a performance that she choreographs based on the song, an outfit I'm designing that will also be inspired (somewhat) by the song, and then filming it all. It'll only be a couple minutes long, but it should be pretty epic. 

Tentative sketch:

Hard to see, and it's not colored, but it'll be a silver latex bodysuit, with black & purple latex straps on the side, and straight accents coming down from the neck and up from the ankles. I unfortunately can't add lots of extra stuff that I'd like (collar pieces, bulbous shoulders, etc.) because she needs to be able to move and not die because of the costume hindering her. 


Fangoria magazine interviewed me.

I'm not into gore and B-list slasher films (fans of which the mag is geared toward) but they wrote a very nice piece about me :)