Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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The first is always the hardest...

so, yes. 

I like to make wearable things for awesome people. Well, most of the time they are wearable. Many times they are of a see through & sheer variety. Perhaps not for the faint of heart. 

I take...unusual photos of unusual garments. I enjoy it 80% of the time except when things go horribly, horribly wrong and 5 hours of prep/shooting are almost completely wasted.  

I like plastic, 

  I like latex, 

     I like ethereal fabrics, 

        I like excessive/obsessive detailing, 

           I like absurd silhouettes.

I attack ceilings! 

A piece I made was published for the first time in Bizarre magazine in the UK in their October issue. I was so excited I showed everyone in my class like it was my unhatched child. If they weren't interested they did a lovely job hiding it.

Kinky K-outure!

I make lots of stuff for Mosh, who is incredible at posing and will take over the world doing so. She and I live a mile apart back in MD, true story, and collaborating with her makes me happy. I love working with people who know how to move and are willing to wear just about anything.

She's moving to LA in January and I'm hella jealous. Maybe one day I'll join her.

On the schedule for her:

~Red & black latex teardrop hat.

~Latex bunny. (It will include a hood- I FINALLY found a pattern!!!! Usually I make my own but fuck the human head is complicated!) Shooting with Emma Wilcox, who is innnncredddiiibllle.

~Electric pink &  seafoam green girdle with sock garters, matching socks, and a collar piece. Latex, of course. 

~Cream silk dress with lots of draping & matching 40's style hat. Did I mention M. has a thing for 40's & 60's style? Emphasis on the sexy 60's pillbox. Her bf is similar...I would love to design something for him. I want to do more menswear. Men need to be more decorated. 

Matching painted shoes!

What else is on the menu?

~Thesis work for school....boxes covered with sheer, echoing the body, layers of white covered with tiny buds, headdresses made of what remains, animal skins & bones, stealing Chihuly's visions.


~Collaborating with my good, good friend Lauren on her thesis work. Plastic plastic plastic...you would never guess what we've been up to. But you'll see. 
~3 outfits (two finished!) for the North American Hair Awards. They are: silk organza, plastic, latex, art deco inspired, all in one. Watch out!
~Purple latex & gold drip dress for Natalie Adams.
~Lingerie for me and for you, the lucky few.

I want to make things for Darenzia, Ulorin Vex, and Apnea. 
Did I mention I have a thing for fetish models? I love reading their blogs, true story. I would love even more designing for them.

Some philosophy....
*I love beautiful. 
    And there is nothing wrong with that.
*I love truth in my real life but I love fashion because of the fantasy, illusion, unreality.
    And there is nothing wrong with that.
*I think aesthetics are enough of a conceptual reason. 
    And there is nothing wrong with that.
*I have no desire to be a ready-to-wear designer who only has part of a hand in the final product.
*I look at my clothes as ART PIECES, which means two things: one, I am completely immersed, involved, & invested in them and two, steal my designs and I can sue yo' ass.

-I envy Alexander McQueen's sewing workshops but I'm not intimidated by his designs.
-Vivienne Westwood was the first designer I was ever aware of and I still think she is wonderful. No one does gay porno Tom of Finland style better. She pleases me. 
-I used to hate Viktor & Rolf but now I can't get enough.
-Leigh Bowery had it right from the start. 

For some reason blogging freaks me out a little. Maybe one day I'll sound witty but for now somewhat stream of consciousness will suffice.