Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Too tired to write anything interesting...thanksgiving break cannot come soon enough. 
So enjoy some visuals!

Model: Anjali.
A rework of a shoot I did in September. Very, VERY pleased with it. 

Model: Marysia.
Shot in 28˚ weather...bleh.  We were FREEZING by the end of it. I'm decently happy with the photo though- straight outta camera! I think I have more editing to do on it but I'm going to leave that for another day. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Boredom Does Nothing For Me

I am in a mildly manic mood at the moment, all of yesterday and today actually, so I've been producing lots. It's a nice change from my past weeks of lethargy/energy-blockage. 

Did I mention that I love gold? My room used to be painted a burnished but still shiny hue of it. Apparently I miss having the color in my life, as is evidenced by my latest pieces:

I told Natalie Addams ages ago that I would make her something and this idea has been sitting in my head for far too long. Her favorite color is purple so I made a halter dress in that shade and then I wanted it to look like a huge gold necklace had melted down the front so I poured a super-secret concoction down it. I haven't seen any other latex designers do this technique so I would proudly say that it is my personal invention. I also want to do a blood splattered idea on army green, but I really REALLY don't support violence or gore so that may not happen. I need to find a way to make the blood look natural in a bodily sense, and not like it's out of a horror film. 

For Mosh. I was supposed to shoot her in it today but schedule conflicts made it not happen. Which royally sucks because I have a crit on Wednesday that I need to show new work for. I'm going to have to shoot a friend of mine in a different piece tomorrow and then HOPEFULLY shoot with Moshy Mosh over thanksgiving break. 

I don't know if the outfit make sense lying's a poncho-like top and then a tri-layer skirt. I was really focusing on working with the particular way that latex drapes. I think it needs some red accents on the bottom...either a red edging or make more red cut outs like the top. Thoughts? 

So I have a strong affection for dance-y music (raves are love...) and I stumbled across Lady Gaga recently. Not only is her music addictive and bouncy, what really makes her interesting is her outfits. Her whole persona is a performance, and she designs everything she wears with her creative team, Haus of Gaga.

Video still stolen from

Honestly, how fucking cool are those shoulder pieces??? Love it. They look like crystals, cocaine, diamonds in the rough (she says their inspired by a Thierry Mugler dress, not surprised.) I'm a big fan of shoulder and neck pieces (obviously) so I think I'm going to work on some huge spiked ones. I would love to make her something in particular...if anyone knows her or knows how to get in contact with her, let me know! 

Bonus photo....

I heart cone-boobs & leopard!

Made this over the summer for Adrienne Anderson- not sure if she's used it yet, I should get it back so I can have it for my finals. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Enter the Dream

I haven't updated in too long, but things have been so crazy! I know I promised to post a picture of the white dress I finished up last week but I was in a rush to send them off to a stylist. HOWEVER, I am getting them sent back tomorrow and hopefully photographing it will happen soon.

Got an excellent critique on these (both the photography & outfit) today, I'm super happy:

The color is wonky, they're more saturated in real life.

Thea (the model) was so, so lovely. I can't wait to work with her again, she of the perfect body and aerialist/contortionist skills. We shot in the Chihuly exhibit at the RISD Museum (thank you Tara and Denise!) which I highly recommend going to see.
The dress is made of two parts: a column of overlapped tulle and an overskirt of the stripped polyester that is belted. The tulle part took forever- I painstakingly complied 30 yards of white and 2 yards each of red, black, blue, yellow, orange, and fushia to get the look I was going for. Then I took my scissors & cauterizer and hacked away at it until certain parts came into view. 

Also my good good friend Lauren Jack re-photographed a piece I made in conjunction with her back in May:

Elizabethan style.

It's all made out of brown plastic tarp, clear plastic sheeting, and microfoam. It's even held together with clear nylon thread and hot glue (which is plastic, fyi). 

Other than that I'm currently researching  bizarre textiles from the 1700s and wood block printing. I have a paper and design in mind that will combine both into a garment that uses old nostalgic techniques with contemporary relevance. Stay tuned!