Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Travel-o-city pt.2

Trip THREE: 


Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. 

High contrast mid-day sunlight amidst ivy, archways, roses.

Canon 5D + PS CS3

Model was Dori-bot, who was GREAT. She posed well, but took direction easily, was super sweet, and had the perfect make-up & wig for the job. 

The dress is:

~ two underlayers of synthetic stretch fabric,

~ an attached petticoat,

~ strange synthetic top fabric that feels spongy when squeezed, 

~ microfoam sheeting from which I created the organic collar shapes. (I took four flat sheets, cut out large-ish circles using a dinner plate as a guide, then folded up each one individually before putting them together. I had to hand sew them on to the dress while Dori waited patiently and her roommate was attempting to sleep.)

GAH! I was very glad when the weekend was over and we headed back to Providence. I just can't focus in New York. It makes me anxious. I need a large room in an actual house with actual trees lining the streets and quiet at night. I think I'll be content with occasional trips and ordering everything else I need via the www. Lame, I know. 


* Red & black latex hat-lette with cream, black, and other secret details for Mosh (sending it out tomorrow!)

* Matthew Barney inspired headpiece. 

* CHIHULY CHIHULY CHIHULY (sketchbook coming tomorrow....)




rtosh said...

oh amy. i do enjoy this piece. very... i don't know. it reminds me of classical greece meets futuristic stuff.

rtosh said...

lindsey and i agree that you should be on project runway and kill everyone with your kick ass fashion

VauntDesigns said...

Haha, thank you dear! That is very sweet of you :)