Friday, October 17, 2008


If you know me, then you know I love love love shoes. It's my one girly thing. I'm especially a fan of stripper style, which is why I just spent far too much of my life at a semi-legal chinese import store that sells them for cheap. But I don't like just any kind of shoes- they have to be super tall or super strange. Hence the inspiration for today:

Ballet heels = amazing. Ballet dildo heels with spikes = genius. 

Not for arachnophobics.

Mmmm scaffolding inspired.

Looks like ceramic, Geisha style. 


Dirty feet from nasty sidewalk = totally worth it. 

Origami was a childhood pastime of mine, many moons ago

Gives new meaning to the phrase "walking the streets."

I found these just by browsing the 'net, so I have NO IDEA where they're from, where I can acquire some, or who made them. If anyone knows, let me know so I can put credits & links!
I also really want to make a pair like the last picture- anyone know where I can get shoes modified on the East Coast? Or a shoe designer who wants to collaborate with me on some crazy ideas? 

In other news, I'm feeling a bit stuck at the moment. It's really hard to push yourself to limits that other people have not already been to, and it can feel a bit hopeless. I could very easily make straight up beautiful clothing, that's no problem, but to make weird avant-garde shit that makes viewers question/think/cry/laugh/etc. is hella hard. I suppose it's the difference between garments for profit and garments for art. 



Najy said...


lenora jayne said...
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lenora jayne said...
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rtosh said...

oh ames. i thought all the shoes were made by toi, so i was like "dude" then, i realized they weren't made by you, and thought to myself that you need to make some shoes like that.

or similar to, that is.

anyway, i want to see more of YOUR work.

lenora jayne said...
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VauntDesigns said...


Oh, ya, I've seen the heel-less shoes before! Super cool. And the Galliano ones are awesome- I love love LOVE fushia.

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