Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Enter the Dream

I haven't updated in too long, but things have been so crazy! I know I promised to post a picture of the white dress I finished up last week but I was in a rush to send them off to a stylist. HOWEVER, I am getting them sent back tomorrow and hopefully photographing it will happen soon.

Got an excellent critique on these (both the photography & outfit) today, I'm super happy:

The color is wonky, they're more saturated in real life.

Thea (the model) was so, so lovely. I can't wait to work with her again, she of the perfect body and aerialist/contortionist skills. We shot in the Chihuly exhibit at the RISD Museum (thank you Tara and Denise!) which I highly recommend going to see.
The dress is made of two parts: a column of overlapped tulle and an overskirt of the stripped polyester that is belted. The tulle part took forever- I painstakingly complied 30 yards of white and 2 yards each of red, black, blue, yellow, orange, and fushia to get the look I was going for. Then I took my scissors & cauterizer and hacked away at it until certain parts came into view. 

Also my good good friend Lauren Jack re-photographed a piece I made in conjunction with her back in May:

Elizabethan style.

It's all made out of brown plastic tarp, clear plastic sheeting, and microfoam. It's even held together with clear nylon thread and hot glue (which is plastic, fyi). 

Other than that I'm currently researching  bizarre textiles from the 1700s and wood block printing. I have a paper and design in mind that will combine both into a garment that uses old nostalgic techniques with contemporary relevance. Stay tuned!


Najy said...

stunning photos, jerkface.