Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Finished" is the most beautiful word in the human language.

I've been so busy it's almost too much. I say almost because in all honesty I would much rather be busy than not. One of my biggest pet peeves (and there are quite a few, let me tell you) is when people are bored and/or say they are bored. There is no excuse for boredom! Go do something! Sitting and whining is not going to fulfill you or improve your current situation. Everyone has the potential to be creative and everyone can carve out satisfaction for themselves if they try hard enough. It's not as easy as complaining, but as I realized yet again today while getting exceedingly angry at my sewing machine and my elementary skills at using it, nothing worthwhile is easy. You know it's sad but true. 

Don't be comfortable. 

Don't stop striving for perfection. 

But give yourself a break if you aren't quite there yet. 

In light of that, let us now share recently completed projects:

"Nostalgia for Nothing" jacket. Polyester lining, bamboo batting, poly fiber stuffing, polyester white mesh & black organza. 

Getting shipped to Planet Hair in Witchita, KS for their annual hair show/fundraiser.

Black semi-stretch weave with silver vinyl cut-out detailing hat-lette. I love the shape of this one, will definitely have to experiment with it some more. 

This and the matching dress were a request by Mosh for her upcoming red carpet & shoot with Lithium Picnic

Silver & fushia latex w/ silver netting hat-lette. Matches a super secret design & pasties, available soon! 

Going to Mosh to shoot with Viva Van Story

Rubber & knit drip dress. Done a long while ago, finally finished the last bits.

Going to Mosh to shoot with Lithium Picnic.

Raw edged cream silk & blue velvet dress with muslin mis-prints by my good friend Danielle Lange. The velvet part is actually an old jacket from Jet Rag thrift in LA that I chopped up. DIYwin!

I also do modifications of pre-existing latex. I did the bow & line detailing on these gloves as per Anna Evans's request to match a design I made for her. 

Black velvet & plastic mesh dress. 

Getting shipped to Planet Hair in Witchita, KS for their annual hair show/fundraiser.

Orange fun fur top. There's something to be said for ugly. 

Getting shipped to Planet Hair in Witchita, KS for their annual hair show/fundraiser.

And a little peak at two upcoming projects, which will be done by the weekend:

Shite-ton of latex bows. (Next to my favorite leopard spotted grandma coat.)

For "The Welcome Home Party" on Saturday at a friend's studio. 

Yellow tracks collar. Was a super ugly thrifted foam hat until I got my grubby paws on it. 

Getting shipped to Planet Hair in Witchita, KS for their annual hair show/fundraiser.

That is all.



Sunday, September 13, 2009

How VEX-ing

I started at Vex Clothing last week and I have nothing but good things to say. Granted I can't say very much because I have to keep everything I learn under wraps but you know what I mean :) I've already learned so much and my boss is anal about the work but chill as a person so it's the best environment. She also has the sweetest boxer ever that lies on a red velvet pillow and occasionally sniffs my butt as I glue. Every day I work I get more inspired to do my own projects. Expect more picture heavy posts as I progress! 

Example of the awesome-ness that is Laura's (the creator/designer of Vex) designs:

Inflatable skirt & large hats FTW!

Chicago Stat

It's been a long while, I know. I have been remiss in my duties! But I swear I have a good excuse. Moving is never easy, and it is especially difficult when moving over a thousand miles away and having miscommunication mess up what was promised & expected. In any case, I am now settled in Chicago (finally)!

But to recap:

Philly was great for the most part. I really fell in the love with the city and am highly thinking of going back after my apprenticeship here is done at the end of February. I wasn't as productive as I would have liked, but I got to fit & create three custom pieces (including the Goth-iest fascinator hat ever) for Anna Evans and fit Jade Vixen for a dress I will be making soon. Excitement! Will post pictures as I have them.

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of Goth, I'm 100% certain it is making a comeback in a big way. Not just in fashion since black & deathly has always been an inspiration, I'm talking more about lifestyle and look. The last serious resurgence died in 1999/2000 so it's so awesome to see it returning! Check out my favorite fashionista blog for all things Haute Macabre. 

Photo break:

I started doing a self portrait/poetry collaboration project with Corwin Prescott a few weeks ago and this is one of my favs so far:

like birch. (you could taste)

To see the rest, go to my DeviantArt

He also took an amazing photo of a top I made:

Model: Poses

Silver & black leather, black silk organza.

We are mutually obsessed with each other's work :D

Also re-edited an older photo of an head piece I made ages ago:

I need to rework it because it didn't quite fit but I love the big bow! Sheer black pleated polyester, leather, huge rhinestone. 

And my beautiful friend Najy posed for me in the old elevator in my building wearing a GORGEOUS late 50's/early 60's dress:

SIDE NOTE: Do NOT put vintage in the washing machine! Do NOT go to a dry-cleaner that has no idea what they're doing and puts vintage in a washing machine! It will RUIN the garment! I had to perform emergency surgery and resuscitation on this piece because of someone else's fuck up. It was a crime what was done to it. The fabric had shattered on the inside hem & cuffs, the belt became detached, the beading is much weaker and some had to be re-sewn, and it shrunk a half size.