Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chicago Stat

It's been a long while, I know. I have been remiss in my duties! But I swear I have a good excuse. Moving is never easy, and it is especially difficult when moving over a thousand miles away and having miscommunication mess up what was promised & expected. In any case, I am now settled in Chicago (finally)!

But to recap:

Philly was great for the most part. I really fell in the love with the city and am highly thinking of going back after my apprenticeship here is done at the end of February. I wasn't as productive as I would have liked, but I got to fit & create three custom pieces (including the Goth-iest fascinator hat ever) for Anna Evans and fit Jade Vixen for a dress I will be making soon. Excitement! Will post pictures as I have them.

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of Goth, I'm 100% certain it is making a comeback in a big way. Not just in fashion since black & deathly has always been an inspiration, I'm talking more about lifestyle and look. The last serious resurgence died in 1999/2000 so it's so awesome to see it returning! Check out my favorite fashionista blog for all things Haute Macabre. 

Photo break:

I started doing a self portrait/poetry collaboration project with Corwin Prescott a few weeks ago and this is one of my favs so far:

like birch. (you could taste)

To see the rest, go to my DeviantArt

He also took an amazing photo of a top I made:

Model: Poses

Silver & black leather, black silk organza.

We are mutually obsessed with each other's work :D

Also re-edited an older photo of an head piece I made ages ago:

I need to rework it because it didn't quite fit but I love the big bow! Sheer black pleated polyester, leather, huge rhinestone. 

And my beautiful friend Najy posed for me in the old elevator in my building wearing a GORGEOUS late 50's/early 60's dress:

SIDE NOTE: Do NOT put vintage in the washing machine! Do NOT go to a dry-cleaner that has no idea what they're doing and puts vintage in a washing machine! It will RUIN the garment! I had to perform emergency surgery and resuscitation on this piece because of someone else's fuck up. It was a crime what was done to it. The fabric had shattered on the inside hem & cuffs, the belt became detached, the beading is much weaker and some had to be re-sewn, and it shrunk a half size.