Friday, February 27, 2009


Working on the design for my website...I may divide it into two sites, one for apparel/textiles (ie. and one for photo/video/design (ie. May  still do it but not sure. 

(((click for bigger image)))

I'm pretty set on the layout but I'm having problems with the font & color choice...thoughts, comments, suggestions? 


Najy said...

finish my website before using it in yr resume, jerkface.

ps. i love you. creepers. writing all over my girl's wall and you ain't even met her yet.

lenora jayne said...

I like the simplicity and the image treatment, but I think you'd benefit from giving the type more breathing room, because right now, it looks kind of cramped together. I like the black/white/pink colors, I don't think they really need to be changed.

And, not sure what program you're working with and if the gallery is set to be in Flash, but if you put a subtle white-to-transparent gradient under the "apparel", "textiles", etc. text, it'll help separate it more without it feeling too dis-integrated.