Friday, February 6, 2009


Oh, the joys of photographing! (haha, sometimes it does make me incredibly happy.)

Quite happy with these...not done editing the whole set yet but keep your eyes peeled for more soon!

My favorite from the shoot, and the one I'm using for my show :D

Suffice to say backlighting makes me want to touch myself with happiness.

Better shot of the garment:

Black plastic, hand gathered into bulbous growths.

Again, dinner plates are really  handy to make circles with...I've also found that using white-out as a way to mark shapes/outlines/where to cut/etc. is very helpful. It shows up well and scrapes off once dry. 

Machine knit collar using double treaded white polyester yarns, short rowing technique. Super secret liquid latex formula to make the spill, and hand plated rosettes to top it off.


Plastic, hand pleated to look like a vagina & clit ;)

The background sort of looked like a womb, which was awesome...I'll have more full body shots when I finish editing them.