Friday, December 5, 2008


From my shoot with Mosh over Thanksgiving break:

Red & gold latex poncho top & tri-tiered skirt.

Only photoshop is hue/saturation changes. Straight outta camera ftw!
More images and clothing construction details to come soon.



Anonymous said...

Hey this is Lizzy from back in the day of East 4. I somehow found your blog midway through this semester, and I've enjoyed following it so far. I'm on exchange this semester in London, and we had a theory class that I think you would have been really interested in. Our teacher focused much of the class for this semester on the evolution of synthetic fabrics both in chemical composition and our views of them.

Anyways, our teacher has much of her stuff for the course on this blog:
She also has a blog for her work:

Keep up the good work. Your stuff looks amazing!

VauntDesigns said...


Thanks so much for the compliment and the link! Looks like such an awesome class :)