Thursday, December 4, 2008

Socialist Fashionist

This article was extremely interesting:
Luxury Prices Are Falling; the Sky, Too.

As I read I couldn't help but wonder: is it really a bad thing that stores are being forced to list designer clothes for less? Is it really a crime that now more than just the "fashionista elite" can afford luxury goods? Hardly. Fashion is art, and, like art, I think it should be made accessible to as large an audience as possible. For too long there has been an almost unbridgeable gap between those who can afford expensive items ($3,000 jackets and $50,000 artworks) and those who cannot. Letting everyone in on the game is not a problem- in fact, I think it will help commercial-ability for bigger brands as well as help equalize the buying status quo. Really, those who are affected negatively are the middle men, the stores who cultivate an aura of elitism, and cutting them out only simplifies the system.

I cannot be convinced that this economic crisis is an overall bad thing. I realize that the market plummeting greatly effected those who were tied into the stock system (my family is, to a small degree) but I can't help but think the the people who are really losing are big corporations. Although it is regrettable for workers employed in such companies to lose jobs, in the long run I think cut-backs on big money industries can only lead to good thing for the future.

Lastly, I would STRONGLY disagree with the idea that creativity will suffer because of the current situation. The opposite is true: this time BREEDS creative energy. Instead of being handed everything you want and consequently growing lazy,
resourcefulness in design has become essential.
As a designer I welcome this challenge. Modified thrift store finds, do-it-yourself style, repurposing old (sometimes vintage) clothing , finding beautiful fabrics on sale is what it's all about.

Garments I'm currently working on that reflect this philosophy:
~ Shoulder piece made of an old pillow with a shirt that is a pair of reconstituted satin pants.
~ Old lace curtains transformed into a ruffled halter top.
~ Draped pantsuit made out of balloon latex. I actually found the material at Burning Man this summer. There was an INCREDIBLE installation there of huge white balloons that pulsed in time to music and by the time I saw them most had popped, leaving the remains in playa dust. Soooo I decided instead of being wasteful I would take the stuff home and make something from it. (I can't describe how beautiful the installation was, especially while watching the sun come up after a night of dancing with close friends. Gives a whole new meaning to "sun salutation." If anyone knows who did it, please tell them I was moved and extremely appreciative!)

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