Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is not a New Year's resolution

Well, in some ways it is but I’d rather not call it such. But I am pledging to be a more active blogger, if not for you lovelies than for my awful memory. So let us begin (again)!

As I’ve mentioned before, I am in a state of flux. I feel myself gradually becoming more stable as my technical skills increase, but I still feel dissatisfied. While being comfortable is often the death of creativity, it would be nice to be happier.

On to more positive things!
Two of the four new pieces I’ve made to start this decade off right:

Black & transparent latex top with big glittery bows. What can I say, I’ve been listening to and watching Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” constantly. She’s getting’ in my subconscious!
I’ve been playing around with adding glitter to latex, and what I’ve discovered is that it works best on accents and not on the body of a piece. It has a tendency to come off with the application of lube and rubbing/stretching, but when on little things like these I’m able to put a protective shellac on top.
I made it with the gorgeous Lily Hex in mind, but her boobs were just too big! So I need to find a hot dark haired model in the Chicago area for Corwin to shoot it on.

Pleated neckpiece.
Sometimes I feel like a sculptor when I work with fabric. I put it on the dress form and try to “listen” to what it wants to do, and then I manipulate it. The only problem with this process is that it can take weeks and weeks to finish something. I love where this one is going, but I’m unhappy with it. It’s not resolved. It needs something more…more bulk around the top I think. And maybe some velvet embellished accents. Don’t know, I’ll have to see. Corwin just finished shooting it but I wasn’t sure…I have to stop getting things shot when they aren’t 100% yet. Oh well, looked cool anyways.

The other two pieces I finished are pretty 80’s, I won’t lie. They are brightly colored leotards with crazy mutli-colored straps and “tails.” They are really cute & really funny. I also made a Goth-y-er version for Apnea to wear for Steve Prue as a feature on Haute Macabe (one of my favorite blogs). All of them have been photographed but I’m just waiting to get the files back. Will share when I have them.

And lastly, some personal visual inspiration:

Photo by Chase Lisbon:

Screenprint by Danielle Lange:

I’m going to try to update at least once a week, hopefully 2x a week. See you then!


Twiggy said...

This blog is such a good idea ! I'll watch it everyweek be sure ! :D

Sophie said...

Ooooh! That trans + glitter top looks awesome, I can't wait to see it on someone.
I'm glad you're going to be blogging more often. I could really use some weekly swoons. :)

Deanna said...

Im a dark haired model in Chicago with smaller boobs then Lily Hex im sure :D
Just thought Id put that out there, because I love both you and Corwin's work. Love your blog as well, Cant wait to see your line when you show it in March :)

Sophie Nova said...

That top is mine! :D

Seriously, beautiful, innovative work Amy, it makes me excited x