Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July is a much better month

First and foremost: I got an apprenticeship in Chicago with Vex! I am insanely excited, I'm going to learn so, so much. It's not Europe, but I hope to go abroad after this one is done at the end of February. The focus will be on designers and artists who are using my other love, plastic. I'd like to also experiment with other unusual materials, and I have a few people in mind, but any thoughts? 

Etsy shop is now open! Only a couple things are up at the moment, but never fear more is forthcoming. I promise to try my best to make pricing both affordable and artist-sustaining. 

Corwin Prescott took some amazing photos of the hats, this is my fav so far:

model: Anna Evans

Keep it coming, honey bunny!

Philly was amazing. I sold 15 of my modified t-shirt dresses (halter neck):

Haha, Dragonforce! Priceless. 

Super fun, comfy, and cute! Will be photographing and posting the ones that didn't sell, and at only $20 a pop plus free shipping they're a steal! 

I will actually be moving up to Phila. for all of August because I have friends, old & new, there that I can collaborate and have fun with. DC gets mighty lonely sometimes :( 

Also, speaking of artists and deals, I'm offering something awesome that RedRum Collaboration & I cooked up. Buy an elaborate or custom piece from me, and they will shoot a portrait of you...absolutely free! Here's an awesome shot they did of Mosh: 

So you heard that right, you get rewarded for buying something you needed to have in your wardrobe anyways! Email me at vauntdesigns@hotmail.com for more information, or message me on ModelMayhem

Stop, TWITTER time! 


Najy said...

jerk, I was making halter shirt dresses way before you. You're just better at it.

Anywhoo, I'll be coming to philly to visit (i'll have you know).

Where will you live?

Amy Fries said...


I will be living at in west philly, right near Penn University.